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One of my favorite places in the Oregon Cascades may be lost due to the fires. I know, lost homes and displaced people take precedence, but I can’t help feeling a deep sadness over the loss of the Olallie Lakes area in the Mt Hood National Forest. There was this cute old style forest service … Continue reading »

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The Smog…

Latest report says that we won’t see any improvement in the air quality until Thursday. Man, that’s depressing!

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Sunday work..

Had to drive in this morning to help fix a server problem at work. Could maybe see three blocks in the smog….

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Sunday Morning

The view from our driveway. Not sure if this is more fog or smoke. Whatever it is, it’s twice as sense as yesterday. Can’t see more than 3 houses away.

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Where there’s smoke

It’s bad here. AQI is 310 making us the worst air quality in the world. Literally. Here is what our neighborhood looked like at about 6am this morning. It’s like standing over the smoke from a campfire out there.

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Thought for the day

2020 is really not our year… Bleh!

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The Physics of the KaBoom…

Because several folks asked…. Here are the numbers around the black powder v.s hard drive entry from yesterday: Round ball loads (.530″, 230 grains): 60 grains FFg – 1263 FPS – 815 ft.lbs 70 grains FFg – 1469 FPS – 1102 ft.lbs *** 80 grains FFg – 1654 FPS – 1397 ft.lbs 90 grains FFg … Continue reading »

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Happy Birthday!

To my lovely wife, partner, and friend… Happy Birthday honey! See how amazing she is at Here is to a hundred more years together.

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Catching Up

Well, I changed the page banner. It is a wonderful shot of the Huachuca Mountains of Southern Arizona after our last snow. I love snow. There is something magical about it. I have lived a lot of places with a lot of snow from Anchorage Alaska to Flagstaff Arizona to Western Massachusetts but there is … Continue reading »

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Open Source Gems

Although my background has been extensively commercial software such as Microsoft Windows (XP, 2000/03, Active Directory) CITRIX, Novell, Lotus etc., for the last two years I have done more and more with Open Source software when building infrastructure. As the various projects mature, they bring an amazing amount of stable, feature rich services to the … Continue reading »

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