I’ve been away from this space for quite a while now and have decided to move off Facebook until after the election and focus my energy positively in this space.    ~Pat

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Quick VR Project

I only have a small space to play VR and wanted a way to keep myself centered while standing. So after reading through some posts here, I scrounged stuff out of the shop and put together this mat.

I used 1 package of the typical shop puzzle mat from the local “Harbor Freight” and sliced a few rounds of Nerf ball ammo in half to make the “braille” dots for my toes. The bottom has strips of Velcro hook to keep it from sliding around on the carpet and everything is put together with duct tape and hot glue.

Total construction time was about 40 minutes and I think the total cost was about $12.

I hope it helps other folks who might be looking for a similar solution.

Top of Mat w/Braille Dots
Bottom of Mat w/ Velcro Hook Strips

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Rooster Rock

Dipper and I went to the park this morning, just the two of us. He wasn’t a fan of the car ride, but really enjoyed the outing. It was very cold with an East wind down the Gorge and the water levels were way down,, but there was no one else at the park and we had a blast exploring.

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Long day at work…

Offset by an ice cold cerveza some ’60s hits and a puppy.

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Last night’s debate.

After enduring last night’s school yard debate over who pushed whom, I don’t know who won, but America surely lost.

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Oktoberfest on my deck…

For obvious reasons. Household celebration with lots of beer!!

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2020 Observation

This year is kind of like a drunken redneck with a case of Budweiser, a Jet-Ski, and a TikTok account…

“Y’all think that was cool??? Hold my beer! “

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Cleaning up Dipper’s day pen… After I moved the pen and the blankets, all the is left is this prehistoric mammoth kill site.

30,000 Years Ago…
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Rest easy Ruth

We’ve got this. God speed and thank you for your service.

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One of my favorite places in the Oregon Cascades may be lost due to the fires. I know, lost homes and displaced people take precedence, but I can’t help feeling a deep sadness over the loss of the Olallie Lakes area in the Mt Hood National Forest.

There was this cute old style forest service resort there that was built in 1932 and served as a stopping place for those stalwart folks hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. The resort, along with the old growth forests and the creatures who dwelt there will be truly missed…

I wanted to share this photo from last summers backpacking and camping trip at Olalie. My dad liked it enough to have it framed and it was on his dining room wall until he passed away this January.

Mt Jefferson from Olallie Lake (2019)

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The Smog…

Latest report says that we won’t see any improvement in the air quality until Thursday. Man, that’s depressing!

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