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Catching Up

Well, I changed the page banner. It is a wonderful shot of the Huachuca Mountains of Southern Arizona after our last snow. I love snow. There is something magical about it. I have lived a lot of places with a lot of snow from Anchorage Alaska to Flagstaff Arizona to Western Massachusetts but there is … Continue reading »

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Open Source Gems

Although my background has been extensively commercial software such as Microsoft Windows (XP, 2000/03, Active Directory) CITRIX, Novell, Lotus etc., for the last two years I have done more and more with Open Source software when building infrastructure. As the various projects mature, they bring an amazing amount of stable, feature rich services to the … Continue reading »

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Someone asked me today what I meant… I guess I did not really explain it anywhere! I was a History major in college and being Irish and Danish on my father’s side and fascinated by early Scandinavian and Celtic history the Viking part came naturally. As a technologist I find myself trying hard not to … Continue reading »

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New World

The folks at MassCUE ( Massachusetts Computer Using Educators) have posted an extremely interesting video outlining just how the world is changing around technology. This clip reaches into every corner of our culture so even if you are not “into” education, you need to take a look at the dramatic statistics they have put together. … Continue reading »

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Email Statistics

Topher ran out the email statistics on our work system a couple weeks ago and I just ran across them again. They were interesting so I thought I would post them here. Our Email statistics for the week of March 15th, 2007 Total Mail Received by our Gateway: 30,804 Rejected at Gateway : 18,259 Passed … Continue reading »

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Niagara Falls

Jess is out in New York this weekend as the guest of honor at UBCON. Last night she was up at the Falls and sent me a couple of pics form her camera. Even though they are not great (phone cam + night + wind + size = poor) you can still get an idea … Continue reading »

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Development Continues…

I put together a page to showcase some of the PowerPoint/Impress slides shows that I have developed for local and national presentations. These can be found HERE or you can go to Resources>Presentations page. Enjoy!

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A New Page

I just put up a new page which includes links to some of my technology articles that have been reprinted on the web. I also tossed in a couple of links to articles by other people where I was interviewed or presented.

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More Mac Software!

So, if you are using a Mac and need Visio to do diagrams and charts, where does an old Windows user turn? That is an excellent question! I have been using and am thrilled with OmniGraffle Pro from The Omni Group. It is simple, robust and so darn easy to use. They have free downloads … Continue reading »

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At EconoCon We are out this weekend in Plymouth New Hampshire attending a SciFi/Gaming convention PSU. Its a great group of young folks and they are treating Jess like a queen. The public network here requires an account so I am writing this during the day and will have to post it at the hotel … Continue reading »

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