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Quick VR Project

Posted by on 01/02/2021

I only have a small space to play VR and wanted a way to keep myself centered while standing. So after reading through some posts here, I scrounged stuff out of the shop and put together this mat.

I used 1 package of the typical shop puzzle mat from the local “Harbor Freight” and sliced a few rounds of Nerf ball ammo in half to make the “braille” dots for my toes. The bottom has strips of Velcro hook to keep it from sliding around on the carpet and everything is put together with duct tape and hot glue.

Total construction time was about 40 minutes and I think the total cost was about $12.

I hope it helps other folks who might be looking for a similar solution.

Top of Mat w/Braille Dots
Bottom of Mat w/ Velcro Hook Strips

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