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Wolf Lake

Posted by on 02/03/2010

I have the TV in the garage set-up next to my Bowflex and bike so that while I am working out I can watch movies or TV series of interest. Currently on the set are all nine Episodes of “Wolf Lake” staring Lou Diamond Phillips and lots of other talent you will recognize.

The story is about a town outside of Seattle called, appropriately, Wolf Lake, where Detective John Kanin goes to try and find his missing girlfriend among a town full of werewolves. Dark, spooky, and suspenseful.

The series first aired in 2001 on CBS and was cancelled after 5 episodes despite being nominated for two Emmies.  I think it was then bought by SciFi  (before they changed to SyFy…) or UPN who then aired the remaining 4 episodes in 2002.  SciFi aired the series again in 2007. There is supposed to be a 10th episode somewhere, but I don’t know anything about it.

Anyway, its a very pretty and well acted series (especially for CBS). Its made of good bite-size chunks are perfect for workouts! (or werewolves) If you haven’t seen it, I recommend finding it and enjoy a fun romp through the Pacific Northwest woods!

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