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Complete Rig!

Posted by on 03/27/2008

Well, the rebuilt PC went together very well! Heres the total build:

* AMD A64x2 5400+ 2.8G Dual Core Processor

* MSI K9A2 Motherboard

* XFX 8800 GT Video Card ( Started all this in the first place…)

* Antec 550w Power Supply

* 2 Gigs Crucial Memory

* 2 – 250 GB Seagate Hard Drives at RAID 0

* Windows XP64 Pro

The machine runs extremely well! I updated Farcry to the 64bit version and it is amazing. I have BF2 and 2142 running wikiwiki on the rig and have had no problems even though on install both packages warned me that they had only been tested on XP 32.

Hard to belive I had to run all this though just to get that darn “free” PCI-e card running!

But, I love it!

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