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Movie List…

Posted by on 01/04/2008

Between the girls being off for vacation and me home sick over News Years, the Dog and I managed to catch up on a few movies. Some of which were viewed through the haze of cold medication and Niquil. Therefore I have asked the Dog to rate them himself on a scale of 1-5 Bones: ( The comments are all his…)

30 Days of Night – (3 Bones) No Surprises here.. A vampire flick that could have provided a much better backstory. The ‘Renfield” character was text book.

No Country for Old Men – (3.5 Bones) Awesome first half. Excellent photography but the story dosent cary through. The pit-bulls were predictable characters.

28 Weeks Later – (2 Bones) Promises much but delivers little. Does not hold a candle to the original. Never lives up to it’s potential.

The Constant Gardner – (4.5 Bones) Amazing film. Excellent characters, strong performances, fantastic photography. Looses a little due to being a bit heavy handed in the premise.

Bourn Ultimatum – (2.5 Bones) Not much. OK Sequel… lacks the power and originality of the first film. You stop caring about the character.

Children of Men – (3 Bones) Excellent idea. good acting.. many plot holes . Fast paced but predictable ending. Lack of dogs.

So, those are the Dog’s opinions… and he loves a good movie discussion so please feel free to write him at if you want to chat.

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