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Second Week

Posted by on 08/19/2007

Well, we have made it through our second week in Southern Arizona. It has had it’s ups and downs of course, but all in all it was an excellent choice to move out here. There is a thunder storm brewing

over the mountains to the West of us and although we can’t see the lightning, we can hear it rumbling up here at our rental place in Tombstone Canyon.

The monsoon season is in full force and the mountains and valleys are deep green. It makes the transition from New England much easier. Today we took a road trip up to Coronado National Monument this morning. I wanted to show the girls around a bit. They got to see the lower part of the park and the streams that course down through the canyon this time of year. It was really lovely but we could not go up to the pass as the Honda would never had made it up the gravel road to the top. I’ll have to wait until we manage a Jeep or something to do a bit more exploring.

We ran out of things that we could access at Coronado, so we decided to hit Sierra Vista and then do a long looping road trip up through the Dragoon Mountains and down through the valley to Douglas then back to Bisbee. It was a three hour trip, but we stopped several places along the way to get snacks and walk the dog. It was a lovely trip!

So, the job is great. I have a wonderfully talented group of people to work with and am looking forward to all the challenges that we will be facing this next year. Looks like we have a great list of projects on the books and this week I will be going over them with my staff to see how we will get them all into the works. Really exciting stuff!

On the personal side, we have put an offer on a house here in Bisbee’s San Jose District. Its a lovely 70’s Ranch on an acre with amazing views of both the Mule Mountains and the San Jose Mountains over in Mexico. The house itself is immaculate but the decor is really dated. We are looking forward to getting it updated and more in-line with our own vision. Hopefully we will get all the inspections and assessments done this week so we can get staged to move!

It will be nice to get moved out of “Great Aunt Selma’s” 😉

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