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Update from New Mexico

Posted by on 07/30/2007

We spent a great Sunday layover in Denver after the long 14 hour haul across Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and a good third of Colorado. Man we were beat!

Denver was really nice. The Hotel was great and we had a wonderful time visiting the Zoo on Sunday. It is one of the nicest zoos I think we have ever seen. Beautifully laid out and an easy walk. They had a wonderful assortment of animals and eco-displays.

We went out for a pasta dinner after a long swim in the pool and a dip in the great hot tub.

We decided that we were all burning out from the road. After much discussion decide to drop the scenic route through Colorado and burn down I-25 to Santa Fe then Albuquerque to stay over in Gallup this evening.

The drive down 25 was another really lovely one. Long rolling grasslands and areas full of Pinion Pine and Juniper. We saw Antelope and lots of livestock. We even hit the first big Western deluge of our new adventure right outside of Santa Fe. It rained so hard we had to pull off the highway for about 15 minutes to let it pass over… Thunder boomed all up the valley below the city and it was an impressive show!

We made it down to Albuquerque and then headed West on I-40 to Gallup.

Now, Gallup is a truck stop town at best. We are staying at the Holiday Inn the room is decent, but the pool facility is disgusting, the internet connection crappy, and the hotel staff uncaring. This really surprised us because we have had such great accommodations the entire trip.

We have decided to make the best of it however and take off early in the morning to Flagstaff and then Tucson to stay overnight at a resort to celebrate Jess and I’s 15th anniversary!

I am sure I will have more tomorrow.. if I can actually manage to post this, I’ll be happy.

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