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OS X Tools for an IT Director

Posted by on 03/20/2007

I am continuing to be enthralled by my use of OSX as my primary work platform. I have a great custom built AMD system in my home office and I find myself leaving it turned off while I drag my Powerbook around the house working. At my office at HEC, the powerbook travels everywhere with me, meetings, offsite, and of-course my own desk.

The ease of use and amazing diversity of simple, robust applications have rapidly made it indispensable in everything from network diagnosis, to web design, programing, and project management.
So, here is a list of the applications I am currently using on a daily basis.
NeoOffice – Faster, lighter, feature rich and free, this application has removed all need for MS Office in my daily work.
AbiWord – A light fast word processor, I use it for writing at home. Very quick with low overhead.
Check Off – A great “To DO” list manager for tracking those little naggy notes.
GanttProject – Who needs MS Project? Now, don’t get me wrong, MS Project is an incredible feature-rich tool, but this free software package really has everything you need to get the job done without the overhead.
Adium – If you IM in any form, this beats the old XP standby “Trillium” hands down!
Chicken of the VNC – Remote connections to anything…
Jumpcut – If you are like me and live or die by the clipboard, this multi buffered clipboard keeps a running history for you.

And most often of course, I can’t live without:

Firefox – Why use any other web browser?
Thunderbird – Cross platform mail client works well and looks good in OS X!

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