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And a rainy day project…

Posted by on 04/01/2012

I have this great love for VW Westfalias. The ones between about 1975 and 80 really appeal to me. Jess and I owned a 76 westie named “Hobbes” due to its German Marigold Yellow paintjob. I loved that van but when we moved in 1995 and he went to a very nice young couple in Corvallis.

So, with that bit of history out of the way and us back in the PNW 17 years later, I would love to have another VW, but evidently they are hugely popular and really expensive now.

Instead I am opting to outfit my 2002 Xterra for more camping adventures. While digging around the web for more info I ran across a great project site called “Compact Camping Concepts”.  The site has some really neat ideas about how to make car-camping more interesting. I am particularly enamored of the DIY Explorer Box and have ordered a set of plans from the company so I can take a more in-depth look at building one.

I think it may be a great project to start on during all this rain!!  I’ll start up a build thread here when I get ready to move forward on the construction.

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