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Posted by on 04/25/2007

Someone asked me today what I meant… I guess I did not really explain it anywhere!
I was a History major in college and being Irish and Danish on my father’s side and fascinated by early Scandinavian and Celtic history the Viking part came naturally.

As a technologist I find myself trying hard not to invent the wheel. Being on the cutting edge rather than on the bleeding edge allows me to adopt the processes and procedures that have been proven to work for other people. I typically take those ideas and model them in ways that make sense to my own clients. So there is the Tekno part.

Its very similar to the shared art and culture of the Norse and Celts. They seem to have adopted many aspects of each others work , modified it and made it their own. Each with their own defined style.

So, that seems workable, dosent it? I mean the Subtitle “Electric Norseman” well, that’s just a play on one of my favorite movies staring Robert Redford… can you guess which one? 😉

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