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My Personal and Professional Manifesto

My career as a technologist has been guided by the belief that technology should serve a purpose beyond its mere existence. It should instead be a catalyst to enhance the human condition. Technology solely for its own sake is merely silicone-snake-oil, a recipe for failure that risks creating discontinuity and dehumanization. I strive to leverage technology to transcend the limitations of the human experience and create solutions that are both practical and meaningful.

I believe that technology is not a solution in and of itself; rather, it can play a key role in people-centric solutions that improve our quality of life, fuel our curiosity, and promote innovation.

To enable genuine transformation whether at the individual, tribal, or organizational level, we must be willing to embrace new perspectives, to think differently about how, when, where, and why we do the work we do. Once we have a clear understanding of these elements, we can harness the vast potential of technology in all its myriad of constantly evolving forms to better serve one another.

My personal philosophy is founded on the following values:

  • I believe that diversity is the key to our successes as human beings.
  • I believe in courage and personal sacrifice.
  • I believe in love in all of its myriad forms.
  • I believe equity is a verb.
  • I believe in curiosity.
  • I believe in honor.
  • I believe in giving grace, both for my fellows and for myself.
  • I believe that mistakes are opportunities to learn.
  • I believe in questioning the status quo.
  • I believe in science.

Above all else, I believe kindness.

I hold these values as central to who I am, they are the bedrock of my identity, and I am dedicated to embodying them in every aspect of my life.

~ Pat Hartley