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At EconoCon We are out this weekend in Plymouth New Hampshire attending a SciFi/Gaming convention PSU. Its a great group of young folks and they are treating Jess like a queen. The public network here requires an account so I am writing this during the day and will have to post it at the hotel … Continue reading »

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OS X Tools for an IT Director

I am continuing to be enthralled by my use of OSX as my primary work platform. I have a great custom built AMD system in my home office and I find myself leaving it turned off while I drag my Powerbook around the house working. At my office at HEC, the powerbook travels everywhere with … Continue reading »

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Ok… there is nothing like coming home. It’s even better when you come home to 12 inches of snow and have to park in the street and shovel your driveway before you can even get to your house!! Weeeee!!!!

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Lunacon – Sunday Notes

The count for computers here this weekend is about 60 % PC ( Dell , Vaio, IBM) and 40% Apple. Looking at what Jess is doing , I am going to look into writing tools for OS X because I think that she may be happier with a Powerbook/Mac when her ancient Sony Vaio dies…. … Continue reading »

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Attending Lunacon

If you don’t know, my Ladywife, Jess is a writer and author. She writes fantasy fiction and role playing games. As part of her career, we are spending time this year attending Science Fiction, gaming, and writing conventions. This weekend we are at LUNACON in Rye Brook, New York. Its a very nice convention with … Continue reading »

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ecto Plasma

Looking at the article on Top 22 Mac OS X Products from my last post, I downloaded a trial version of ecto. I did not think that I would care for a blogging client, but I really like the flexibility it has given me in producing and updating my posts. There is also a Windows … Continue reading »

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OS Xcellent!

My fascination with my Powerbook G4 and OS X continues unabated. I have recently gone through and added some new software based on recommendations from several sources. From my good friend Topher : Freesmug From InformationWeek: Top 22 Mac OS x Products And a very nice article here for all you IT folks who think … Continue reading »

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In which we switch PCs… Again!

    Up until last week I had been using an older IBM X40 Ultralite laptop that used to belong to the boss. When we upgraded her to a new X60, I got her old one.     Its been great. That IBM is a very cool piece of hardware and with it loaded up with Ubuntu … Continue reading »

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New Technology Education

I love this video. It must illustrate the frustration a lot of folks encounter when presented with a new technology that is completely alien to them. Introducing the Book

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More Updates

I am working on creating a page with project samples… go figure I may call it "Projects" . Anyway, I am digging through old and new stuff in an attempt to create an on-line portfolio of my work so take a look. Now where did I bury those old Visicalc spreadsheets?

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