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Land Sale Agreement Format In Bengali

Posted by on September 24, 2021

The contract of sale may, or may not, lead to an actual sale of the property in question. Some stamp duty laws, such as the Maharashtra Stamp Act, provide for an agreement to sell real estate as an appropriate deed of transfer and are therefore subject to the same stamp duty as that applicable to the deed of transfer or deed of sale of real estate. Under these provisions, which require payment of stamp duty on a contract of sale, persons wrongly perceive a contract of sale as a deed of sale in due form. A contract of sale is a contract for the sale of real estate in the future. This agreement defines the conditions under which the property is transferred. “A contract for the sale of immovable property is a contract that is carried out on the terms agreed between the parties” – Section 54. Section 54 further states: “He does not in itself create interest or calculate such property properly.” Succession/Succession Where a person claims ownership by succession or succession, he or she must obtain a certificate of succession from the Succession Court (a common court of Judge Court, normally empowered to do so under the Succession Act 1925 and also by the personal laws of the Communities), as well as an act of separation from the jurisdiction concerned by the filing of an action for division or by the filing of an act of compromise or Solenama; among the successors or heirs of the deceased. A warisan certificate (to be collected by local authorities, for example: Pourshava or communes, Union Parishad City Corporations, etc.), a death certificate of the deceased, the identity cards of the successors (if any) with photos must be filed with the court in addition to 1% of the value of the property to pay a registration fee for the deed of succession and for the act of division of registration fees in accordance with the registration law of 1908. There are separate inheritance laws with respect to Muslim, Hindu, Christian and other communities in Bangladesh. The beneficiaries must be required to take their name from the property left by the deceased person or, after receipt of the deed of succession or the registration of the act of division, to withdraw documents of separation of transfers from the cadastre. . . .

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