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International Finance Corporation Loan Agreement

Posted by on September 24, 2021

9 CHAD project agreement;. (h) COFACE: Compagnie Fran aise d`Assurance pour le Commerce Extrieur, the French export credit agency; (i) COFACE Agent: the agent under the loan agreement guaranteed to COFACE, who is first and foremost Cr dit Agricole Indosuez, a social company incorporated and active in accordance with the law of the French Republic; (j) loan agreement guaranteed by COFACE, the contract that COTCO, TOTCO, the COFACE agent and ABN AMRO Bank, a company created and established in accordance with Dutch law (or a related company), and Cr dit Agricole Indosuez are the two insured lenders in respect of the advances to be paid to COTCO and TOTCO for the project; (k) Cooperation Agreement means the Cooperation Agreement between TOTCO and COTCO of 10 On 27 July 1998, after which TOTCO and COTCO will operate their respective parts of the transport system as an integrated transport system. This mission is to “discuss and critically describe the form of the credit agreement and the different similarities of such agreements”. In the context of a globalized economy, according to Woepking (1999, pp. 233, 237, 239), the importance of capital markets is to “promote economic efficiency by redirecting the money of those who have not directly benefited those who have not benefited those who do.” In this perspective, he argues about “the increasingly important role that private capital plays in the development of the market”. As far as developing countries are concerned, foreign investment or foreign savings, “if invested intelligently”, will contribute to their economic growth and usefulness. And in a broader context, he argues that “capital flows to developing countries have played a catalytic role that has brought the world closer to a smooth global market.” In the case of risk management, he believes that “one of the great advantages of the internationalization of capital markets is the diversification of risks”[5]. 6 -3 – b) a new paragraph (d) is added to the section, which reads as follows: if, at any time, the bank receives less than the total amount due to it and payable to it under the loan agreement, the Bank has the right to allocate and apply the amount thus received in one way or another and for such purposes under the loan agreement; that the Bank shall determine at its own discretion. (c) the section shall be amended by replacing the word radiogram in the second sentence by the facsimile and by adding a new sentence at the end of that section: fax deliveries shall also be confirmed by post. Section Unless the context requires otherwise, the various terms defined in the Terms and Conditions and in the Preamble to this Agreement have the respective meanings and the following additional terms have the following meanings: (a) related to a person, any other person controlled, controlled or under the same control by such person and for the purposes of that definition: Control: direct or indirect ownership of 50% or more of the person controlled. – the Contracting Parties, that is to say.

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