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An unexpected find…

Posted by on 04/12/2013

Being a big guy, (6’7″ & 280) who was interested in upgrading from his Farmer John and paddle jacket to a drysuit, it was looking like I was going to have to have some custom work done so it would fit. I had a couple quotes done for a Kokatat in Gortex and there was just no way I could make it happen. ( A fellas got to buy groceries after all…)

So I”d pretty much given up hope. But reading through the community forums here, I ran across a post that mentioned keeping a look out on ebay, so I have been doing that. But, I was running into the same problem, could not find anything that would fit me off the rack.

That is until I ran across a new Kokatat NCW Boat Crew Drysuit for sale on ebay. The great thing about these, which are manufactured for the US Navy by Kokatat, is that they come in lots of different sizes. I happened to find one that was new and in an XL Tall with Large Gortex socks!

They look like this and you can actually buy them new from these folks:

The price was amazing so I ordered it from the seller and it just arrived today. It fits perfectly and is rugged as all outdoors AND it has pockets everywhere. I know, it’s OD Green in color, but it has places to velcro on insignia and patches… Being a total geek, I am thinking going with Space Marine insignia from the movie “Aliens”…

I ‘ll be heading out tomorrow to one of my favorite play areas to try it out in very calm conditions. After I get to play in it for a while, I am going to send it back to Kokatat and have them check it and make sure it is up to snuff for winter paddling.

I’ll let you know how it works out.

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