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Its a Long Winter

Posted by on 02/17/2013

I am afraid it has been a long winter. I put on some (a lot!) weight and my motivation kind of went out the window… into the rain and gray.

I’ve done no kayaking and very little hiking over the last six months.

Well, that is changing. I am down 13 lbs and continuing to lose weight. I am feeling better and more spry. We purchased an Elliptical and as soon as this nasty cold is done I am getting back on the thing to get into shape for Spring and Summer adventures.

I did not like the 303 lbs that I was carrying around and now at 290, I am feeling better already. A couple personal goals for me over the next few months.

– Get down in weight to about 265 and build back up some lean muscle.
– Build up my endurance in my upper and lower body
– Finally get my Passport before April.
– Learn more about kayaking. Take some classes and go to the ocean.

I also want to continue to refit my kayak and hope that I can encourage Autumn to maybe come along on some simple day trips.

I am anxious to get out backpacking again and I know the more fit I become, the more fun I will have on the trail. I missed my window for Eagle Cap Wilderness last Fall, so that is high on my list of outings this season.

So, with that, I hope I am back here more often. I have a lot of support from my family and am really looking forward to getting out for some adventures.

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