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Duct Tape

Posted by on 07/10/2010

Its amazing what you can do with some duct tape, an old 12volt fan from a power supply and 30 minutes of time. Felt like I got back to the basics today when our Unity Voice Mail server died.

The internal fan in the Proliant Server that runs the County voice mail system went bad and it started into a constant reboot cycle. I was the closest one to the data center so I popped in and took a look see. Those old Compaq Proliants are built like trucks so they cobble back together pretty well. We had no spare internal fan on the shelf but did have a room full of old systems. Tearing into a power supply for a surplus IBM, I yarded out its fan, rewired it and with a little duct tape and foam got the server back and operational.

Real parts should be here Monday, but it did feel good to McGyver a solution in the heat of the moment.

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