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Posted by on 05/12/2009

Ok, Space Opera to be clear…

I just finished Peter F Hamilton’s ” The Reality Dysfunction“.

Its the  first volume of  The Nights Dawn Trilogy and I found it an excellent mix of both science and the “paranormal”. Hamilton blends the two together very well. His action sequences and character development really set the tone for the whole series. I have high expectations for the rest of the volumes.

I downloaded (legally!) the next book for a read on my ebook reader to see how I like treading that way. At least ts going to be much lighter than the paperback at 1050 + pages!

I’ve  been drawn to space opera since reading the Foundation series by Asimov as a boy. I think its partly the huge span of SO along with seeing the various story-lines spin up and then come together in one place. But its also that I like good characters. They become comfortable friends whom I really hate to see go away at the end of the story….

So if you are in the mood for a good book, I highly recommend it though make sure you have nice strong forearms!

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