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My Conversation with XFX

Posted by on 02/18/2008

[Pat Hartley – 01/12/2008] While playing BF 2142 the monitor suddenly began displaying dozens/then hundreds of short horizontal bars all over the screen. I rebooted and the problem appears in XP everywhere. I have uninstalled the old drivers, installed the latest ones and cleaned the registry multiple times. The problem remains and everything is corrupt. Switched monitors as well , not change. Put in my old NVIDIA card and the problem disappears. Reappears when I put the 7900 back in. HELP!

[Pat Hartley – 01/16/2008] Can you folks tell me when you will be able to address this issue? Thanks! ~Pat

[MARK_C – 01/16/2008] Hello Pat. Sorry for the delay in responding to your ticket. This sounds like a faulty card. Please double check that your serial number is registered correctly. Please verify that your profile has your current contact phone number and mailing address that someone will be able to sign for a package and we can escalate this for RMA evaluation. Please let us know once everything is updated. Mark

[Pat Hartley – 01/16/2008] Hi Mark, Thanks for the help! My mailing address is correct and I double checked the warranty info. So, everything should be good to go. ~Pat

[MARK_C – 01/16/2008] Hello Pat. I am sorry but we cannot ship to a P.O. Box. FedEx won`t deliver to one. It is my fault for not mentioning that. I tried to call but could not get a hold of anyone. If you can update us with a non PO box address we can get your RMA issued. If you can call us before 5 PST at 800-880-3225 than we can do it while you are on the phone. Mark

[Pat Hartley – 01/17/2008] Hi Mark! Not a problem. We can ship it directly to my street address: 46 Greenlee Drive Bisbee, AZ 85603 Let me know if that will work! Thanks for the help! ~Pat

[KEVIN – 01/18/2008] I`ve gone ahead and authorized your RMA (Returns Merchandise Authorization) so you can send your XFX product in to get it serviced. Your RMA number is (xcr8418). Also please copy and paste the following link into your browser,, this PDF is the RMA agreement and paperwork. It contains all the RMA terms and conditions; please fill it out, sign it, and include it with your RMA. If you wish to waive the signature on return shipments from XFX please obtain the waiver form here: Please note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the PDF documents listed above. Please download and install the latest version of Acrobat Reader from before attempting to open the forms.

[Pat Hartley – 01/18/2008] Thank you. I will fill out the forms and get this shipped to you.

[MARK_C – 01/18/2008] Thank you

[Pat Hartley – 01/24/2008] Should be there anytime now! Thanks!

[WILLIAM – 01/29/2008] Not a problem at all pat, we will let you know when we receive your graphics card. William.

[Pat Hartley – 01/29/2008] Thanks Guys!

[TAYLOR – 01/30/2008] We have received your recent returns ref: XCR8418. Your returns will be passed to the RMA department for testing and diagnosis. We will notify you on completion. Thank You. XFX Support Team

[KRYSTLE – 01/30/2008] Your recent returns ref: XCR8418 has recently completed the testing process with the following status: {I4H178003 = FAULTY}. A technician will be in contact shortly to discuss completion of this returns. If you have any queries regarding this test result – please send a message to the support team. Thank You. XFX Support Team

[Pat Hartley – 02/05/2008] Guys, I have not heard anything form you on this issue since the testing. Can you tell me what I need to do next to get this resolved? Thanx

[DANIwp_o8u7fe_E – 02/06/2008] Hi, your card tested as faulty so we’re replacing it. Once your replacement is ready to ship out we`ll contact you through this ticket. Regards, Daniel

[Pat Hartley – 02/06/2008] Thank you!

[BRIAN – 02/07/2008] HI pat, we`ll keep you posted. thanks Brian.

[SHANNON – 02/08/2008] We apologize for your situation in regards to currently not having replacement video cards for the 7900GS AGP video card. What we would like to offer you the chance to upgrade to an 8800GT 512MB PCI-E (PV-T88P-YHF4) video card at no charge. This of course will not work in your current system as it is a PCI-E video card and not an AGP, but we have noticed many customers wishing to have this option. If you do not want the upgrade we will contact you if we are able to get more 7900GS AGP or equivalent video cards in stock. Please let me know.

[Pat Hartley – 02/08/2008] Hi Shannon! Can you tell me, is the upgraded card new or refurbished? Thanks! ~Pat

[DANIwp_o8u7fe_E – 02/08/2008] Hi, it will depend on our current stock at the time; it may be from new stock or from tested good stock. Rest assured any replacement card will be tested before going out to ensure it is full functional. Let us know how you`d like to proceed and we`ll get this rolling for you. Daniel

[Pat Hartley – 02/08/2008] Any idea when you might have 7900GS in?

[CURTIS – 02/12/2008] We are not sure. The chips are not available at this time and we do not know when we will get more from nvidia. That is why we are offering the other options. Please let us know how you would like to proceed. Curtis

[Pat Hartley – 02/12/2008] Folks, please go ahead and send me out a new 8800GT 512MB PCI-E (PV-T88P-YHF4) video card at no charge as noted in the discussion on 2/8/08. I appreciate the help and the offer. Thank you.

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