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Attending Lunacon

Posted by on 03/17/2007

If you don’t know, my Ladywife, Jess is a writer and author. She writes fantasy fiction and role playing games. As part of her career, we are spending time this year attending Science Fiction, gaming, and writing conventions.
This weekend we are at LUNACON in Rye Brook, New York. Its a very nice convention with lots of wonderful panels and topics.
Jess is serving on several panels and I am acting as her “rifle bearer” helping her setup and haul her stuff. Its a great way to meet a variety of very interesting people, like you would not find in any one place anywhere else on the planet.
These are not Trekkers/Trekkies, they are SciFi and fantasy authors, fans, writers, historians, and geeks. I am really enjoying the whole thing!
As a side note… here at the Hilton in Rye. Avoid the in-house restaurant. Very expensive and poor quality…. order out. Even Dominos is a better deal.
More later.

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